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Global-Pacific Manufacturing first started in Aluminium alloy die-casting for Syscast Marketing Sdn. Bhd. and other customers for items such as motorcycle components parts, hardware, lighting and furniture accessories.

In 2005, we supplied to National Motorcycle as OEM for one of it’s components. Now, we are supplying more than 9 component parts to Modenas (National Motorcycle). Besides, we are vendor for some electrical components and heat sink which require stringent Quality Control and Checking

Service We Provide

We are experts in handling our customers’ die casting customizations which often exceed the original products’ specifications. Therefore, we are proud to offer extraordinary value-added services for your manufacturing requirements and needs.

Advanced die casting technologies capable to produce die casting components with durable finishing excellent.

We work closely with our clients to produce the best possible die casting components based.

A wide range of secondary operations such as trimming, sandblasting, tumbling and milling, etc to.

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Technical Solutions

Our Technology

Experience The Die Casting Journey With Our Advanced Technology

Utilises advanced die castings technology and rigorous Quality Control Systems, we provide customers a complete aluminium die cast solutions. From using 3D CAD Software for initial stage tooling development till the finishing with CMM Quality Control insepctions, we take pride in the fact that our leading-edge equipment and value-added processes have played a key role in cementing our reputation as a leading aluminium die cast solutions provider.

FAQ & Commonly Asked Questions

Acquiring a cheap quote should not be the sole reason to pick a particular aluminum die-cast manufacturer. You will need to look into the lead time, technologies, and services offered by the company. For products with very tight tolerances, you should prefer to choose a company that invests in high precision machining comes with value-added services like sub-assembles, polishing, plating, and powder coating which can save cost and time.

Known as one of the most common non-ferrous die casted metal across the globe, many manufacturers opt for aluminium due to the following advantages:

1. Lightweight
2. Durable
3. Cost-effective
4. Corrosion-resistant
5. Highly conductive
6. Recyclable and Reusable
7. High level of accuracy

1. A sample part or a drawing of your part or a 3D model of your part
2. The weight of your part
3. The alloy you plan to use
4. Your EAU (Estimated Annual Usage)
5. A description of your secondary processing requirements such as machining or finishing