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What is Die Design & Development?

Die design & development refers to the process of designing and developing dies for use in various manufacturing processes, such as casting, extrusion, forging or metal stamping. Dies are specialized tools used to shape or form materials into specific shapes or components, from conceptual design to prototyping, then manufacturing and production.

How Can We Help?

Global-Pacific Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is a leading mould making company in Malaysia since 2005 by providing mould making and die design services. In the context of die design & development, there are several ways in which we can provide assistance.

It is important to note that while we can provide guidance and support, the actual implementation and execution of the die design & development process would require expertise from qualified engineers and designers. Our role is to assist and provide information to help you make informed decisions and improve your die design development process.

Our Solutions & Benefits

We offer the most convenient and advanced design & development services, with a focus on maximising our clients’ aluminium casting effectiveness and efficiency. Our skilful engineering team will guide you through our design process to ensure cost-effectiveness, top-notch quality and performance of the die casting.

Our solutions and benefits in die design & development encompass a range of services and advantages that can enhance the overall process and outcomes.