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Experience The GPM Journey and How It Works

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Step 1: Drawing and Discussion

Customer sends an initial 2D & 3D sketch for our D&D team to analyze the design, determine the critical dimensions and machining requirements.

Step 2: Material Selection

The best suited aluminium alloy is chosen to die cast the product.

Step 3: D&D Review

Our D&D experts will advise on the castability of the design, then submit a DFM report and quotation.

Step 4: Tooling Development

Mould fabrication process begins and each process is documented thoroughly.

Step 5: Trial Run Production

A trial run production of the tooling will be conducted to identify whether there are any defects in the casted product.

Step 6: Sample Confirmation

Die cast samples are measured according to 2D drawing and the First Article Inspection (FAI) report is prepared and submitted to the customer for approval.

Step 7: Mass Production

Mass production begins and quality control of the output is implemented and monitored.

Step 8: Surface Finishing

Surface finishing is applied onto the product, e.g. powder coating, liquid painting, anodizing, chromating, thermal spray coating or electroplating.

Step 9: Packaging

Product is packed into carton boxes and palletized, based on customers’ requirements and shipped for delivery.